China Blasts Dam to Deliver Floods to the Environment

China Blasts Dam

China blasts dam is one of the large projects undertaken by China after the Tsunami (tsunami) disaster in 2021. The project aimed to divert floodwater in rice terraces and agricultural land. At that time, China was booming with growth and progress at a very fast pace. The major reason for the massive development of China was the need for domestic fuel and the need for an adequate amount of foreign investment. The Chinese government decided to build dams, canals, bridges, etc for the sake of the development of infrastructure. At that time, they were unaware of the devastating effect on the natural environment.

The devastating effects of natural disasters such as floods, drought, earthquakes, and tsunamis are so damaging and disastrous. Hence, the Chinese government has started building dams to divert floods that killed at least 25 people. The construction of these dams has delayed the completion of the project and has also caused the loss of lives. The construction company from abroad started working on this project without any approval from the local government. The local people who were prejudiced by the construction of the dams in their area blocked the project. So, China made a plan to increase the capacity of the dams by building more than the required amount.

This is what the China blasts dam project did. The water diverted from the river to feed the rice fields and meet the increasing population was later used for agricultural purposes. However, the project showed a disastrous effect on the natural environment as it contaminated the surrounding areas with heavy water, dirt, mud, etc. This contaminated the environment and destroyed the normal environment of the river. Later on, the mud, silt, and dirt entered residential areas and the air and water pollution became serious. As the population grew in the area, more people were displaced due to the project.

The relocation caused by the China Blasts Dam project resulted in an increase in the population as well as the pressure of increased population. So, China Blasts Dam is a blot on the green map of Asia. There have been debates in the United States and other western countries as to whether this project is environmentally friendly or not. However, environmental organizations in China are against the dam. There are other dams in the world that are more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the China blasts project is in danger of ruining the environment.

The project requires five years for completion. The Chinese Government is trying to build a hydroelectric power station at Huangshan Mountain. There will be huge environmental problems once this project is completed. The reservoir will have an impact on the natural environment as well as the natural wildlife. This reservoir has a very large share of China’s economy. This is why I urge the United States not to support this dam. If the United States supports the project, there will be further devastation.

Water diversion can result in flooding and drought and thus, the lives of the local Chinese people and people of different regions of China. The natural environment is at stake. China should be very worried about its environment and avoid projects that have such possibilities. Now, some may say that the dams are actually needed by China to recharge the polluted river. This is not true, because China could have built enough dams to solve their water problems themselves. There is no need for them to divert floods that killed at least 25 people. As long as the dam will keep the water flowing, China will have no water shortages.

It would also be good if the Chinese could build a floating dam in order to prevent any future disasters from occurring. China needs water to survive and they need it to produce economic growth. If they build a floating dam, it will also flood their fisheries and make it even harder for them to produce more fish. They could build many more dams, but it will have devastating effects on the environment, wildlife, farmers, and the people of China.

The best way for China to move forward is to reduce the pollution that has been caused by damming and improve the environmental issues. It is also in their best interest to save the fish populations that have been devastated by excessive water spilling. In this way, China can earn more money while helping the environment. Hopefully, they will heed these environmental issues before they build another dam. If they build one more, it will only be another problem.

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